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Welcome to Love Your Now Comadre

Updated: Jan 11

My Journey of Aligning With My Higher Self

My personal experience to how I unlocked my true potential and now I am living the life I desire!

Hola Comadre, Compadre, and Comxadre, 

My name is Cristal. I am Comadre Cristal, owner and founder of Love Your Now Comadre. The foundation of Love Your Now Comadre was created from my life mission statement, “the purpose of my life is to love my imperfections, my Creator, my family, my friends, and utmost be gentle to myself. I strive to be the spark to help light everyone's lights.  To help those who have hurt in their hearts and are ready to heal. To enjoy all the little moments life has to offer and be the resilient chingona leader I know I am for myself and others.” When I created my personal mission statement I never imagined this statement would be the beating heart of LYN Comadre - a space built on love, healing, and the journey toward living authentically. 

A little about me- There’s so many roles I hold that have added to my identity. I am Mexican, born in Mexico, but raised in the United States. Growing up I had many roles given by family and society. As life evolved, so did my roles. Today I am Cristal, a mom, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, friend, Comadre, advocate, ex-wife, and your favorite Spiritual Life Coach. Ok maybe not favorite…yet. I am proud of each role I have, even when those roles bring out my Ego. And that is exactly what LYN Comadre blogs are all about, my journey of healing with both my Inner Comadre and Ego. I will blog about how I stay grounded during life’s chaos. How I accept the shit life throws at me with a smile. All with hopes that you are able to take something from it and apply it to your own Spiritual Healing Journey.

#OnASpiritualHealingJourney - "What an interesting hashtag," I thought when I first encountered it. Initially, I dismissed it as some fad. Little did I know that years later, I'd find myself on my own spiritual healing journey. Let's go back and explore this journey together. 

My healing journey began when my dad died, I was 18. This marked a pivotal moment for me. Losing him became my first major “Rock Bottom.” However, this didn't lead to healing directly; instead it led to bandaids that were not healing the “wounds” properly.  I coped by repeating unhealthy behaviors learned in childhood, convincing myself I was happy. Slowly, I noticed behaviors I didn't like. I had no relationship with God, filled voids with fleeting relationships, desperately sought love, becoming codependent, and finally becoming someone I did not value, trust, or love. 

From 18 to 32, these behaviors accumulated until I became unhappy. I lived in a false sense of happiness. This was my second major Rock Bottom. I wanted to start a family and in the process I realized I was just like mi mami y papi. And as much as I loved mi mami y papi I also knew I did not want to raise my kids the way I grew up. But how was I going to change myself when I was already repeating their stories? I joined a 12-step recovery program, hesitating at first, adamant that others were the source of my problems. Slowly I realized it was not about who was the source of my problems, but rather how I was choosing to deal with those problems.  Seeing that I had no control over everything propelled my healing journey into overdrive—a spiritual awakening, or as I call it, Unlocking my Inner Comadre.

Unlocking My Inner Comadre

How did I Unlock my Inner Comadre? Well here are my tools- I delved into my spirituality, met my inner Comadre, sat with my inner child, inner teen, and inner adult, started to develop healthy self-care habits that turned into self-love. I also started to put myself first for the first time in my life, sat with the discomfort of my trauma, cultivated gratitude, forgave, let go, and I started to live my life authentically—all these tools helped me Unlock my Inner Comadre.

What's an Inner Comadre? If I translate Comadre on Google it’ll say Comadre translates to Midwife. While it is true in a way, I want to share what Comadre means to me. A Comadre is the Godmother of your child. She is someone you form a deep friendship with, a confidant you trust,  the one you spend hours chatting with. If one identifies as a male, it would be Inner Compadre. In essence, Inner Comadre is the connection to our higher self, intuition, wisdom—a direct link to a higher power, be it God, spirit, the universe, creator, etc.

Love Your Now Comadre: Transforming Lives

That is what Love Your Now Comadre is all about. I founded this beautiful transformative Coaching business to help fellow Comadres, Compadres, and Comxadres to follow their own arrows, and to be the change that they want to see in the world all while living the life they truly desire. My blog page is made with the intentions that I pass on to the collective the Fire needed to start or deepen their own journey, and the Butterflies needed to see their own beautiful transformation and how God shows up to confirm they're on the correct path. May my spiritual healing journey provide the experience, strength, and hope needed for your amazing life.

Love Your Now,

Comadre Cristal


So much YES to this fabulous blog post! Sending much gratitude to Cristal for helping me to disconnect from the me the sexist society and my history being victimized told me I was supposed to be and uncovering who I really am! The more I do, the more I will truly love me and my now! 😍

Replying to

Thank you so much for your kind words Christine!

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