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What They’re Saying

WOW!!! She knows her stuff! What a gift!

Claudia N

So happy I finally gave it a chance. Cristal came highly recommeneded and I can see why. I will be coming back.

Jessica M

I did a year reading last year, and EVERYTHING she said I needed to focus on really helped me throughout the year! I still cannot believe how accurate she is. I already booked my year reading for this new year!

Susan K

Highly Recommended! I love her energy, it's that feeling of being home. If your looking for clear guidance you're in the right place.

Sandra B.

 There is so many things I can say, but my first response is that I am grateful for the love and compassion that has been shown to me. Even though my journey with my comadre/ healing Coach is just starting I already have a sense of calmness coming over me, so I know my journey is going to be one of ups and downs but one of great healing and gratification. Because I know I am in heavenly hands. I really adore you Cristal.🥰🤗❤️

Michelle W.

Wow!! Amazing first module of her course!! Cristal is deeply connected to Spirit and channels guidance from my Spirit Team in easy to understand concepts and language. After the first module, I have already learned so much about myself!! I will be completing her entire Course, and I am so excited to discover myself: my blocks, my strengths, and my path to my Healing Self. Much Love to Cristal, a radiant Crystal of a Being!!

Adrienne B. 

Hello Comadre.  I want to thank you so much for all the help you gave me. You showed me things that I didn’t even know existed. You’re an amazing person. I opened up to you, and you didn’t judge me. Thank you Comadre, I know I still need more work but these 10 weeks I had with you was a lot of help, I will see you soon.  Thank you

Faviola C.

I’ve done multiple readings in the past that I have always felt like I had to feel my way through and figure out if I connected with the reading I got and how it related to my life. However, I started doing by readings with Cristal about two years ago and I can honestly say they’ve all been so spot on. I never had to guess each card pulled was related to, Cristal does a phenomenal job guiding you through the reading and taking the time to stop and check in to see how I was feeling and what questions I had. I never left the session(s) wondering if I should have or could have said anything because Cristal provides a genuine safe space for all questions and comments, good or bad. If you’re on the fence, I would do one small session and let her show you this gift she has. 10/10 recommend and will be back soon.

Emely S. 

I want to start by saying that Unlocking Your Comadre sessions are amazing. I would have never in a million years thought that I would be able to overcome the trauma I have been holding onto for so long. The tools that Cristal shared within the sessions helped me to understand the emotions I was having anger, sadness, hatred, etc. I was going through it all. But once I realized I could no longer do this alone and trusted someone to help me everything changed. With Cristal's unlocking your comadre sessions, I learned so much about myself. Cristal gave me the tools to heal the layers of myself from my inner child to my adulthood. These sessions showed me that there are layers to our healing in life it's never just one there are multiple layers and each one of them needs attention. So therefore, the tools that unlocking your comadre has given me will grow with me helping me to understand and contain my ego and how placing boundaries on my life helps me to protect myself. So, now that we have entered into a New Year I have the tools to fulfill my life with purpose instead of fear and that is an amazing feeling. Because I put the tools to work they worked out for me. So in conclusion, I just want to give a big I love you and thank you to Cristal for helping me to understand my ego and my inner self, and knowing that it is ok to protect my boundaries around my (pliers) so that my foundation stays strong. You are a Phenomenal Woman and I am so grateful to have taken your sessions! Love and Hugs

Michelle W. 

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