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¡Hola Familia!


 I'm Cristal Baez, and I'm beyond excited to share my journey with you. As an intuitive spiritual life coach, my path has been a colorful tapestry woven with moments of heartbreak, joy, and everything in between.

My journey to becoming a spiritual life coach has been anything but linear. It's been marked by laughter, tears, moments of doubt, and profound insights. Each step along the way has contributed to the mosaic of wisdom that I now bring to my Comadreando Coaching sessions.

My passion for guiding others on their journey of self-discovery and healing traces back to my childhood. Growing up in a first-generation Mexican household, I witnessed firsthand the challenges of addiction and codependency. As a young adult, I found myself repeating unhealthy relationship patterns, unsure of who I was or how to set boundaries.

By my 30s, I knew it was time for a change. I was determined to break free from codependency and reclaim my sense of self-worth. As a divorced, single mom to two incredible children, I found the courage to embark on my healing journey, fueled by a newfound sense of self-love and worthiness.

Professionally, I spent a decade working in the field of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. It's a cause close to my heart, and I've witnessed the incredible resilience of survivors who find strength in their darkest moments.

With a decade of experience and a lifelong commitment to my own healing journey, I've had the privilege of witnessing countless individuals unlock their potential and find healing from within. This journey has led me to create "Unlocking Your Inner Comadre," a transformative program designed to empower you to embrace the present, cultivate self-love, and embark on your unique journey of growth.

My Personal Healing Journey Blog

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Mission Statement 

Love Your Now Comadre’s mission is to empower individuals on their unique spiritual healing journeys. I guide Comadres, Compadres, and Comxadres towards self-discovery, fostering self-love, and unlocking their inner potential. Through transformative Comadreando Coaching, meaningful connection, and inspirational content, I aim to be a catalyst for positive change, encouraging everyone to embrace the present moment, find strength in vulnerability, and live authentically.

Vision Statement 

Love Your Now Comadre’s vision is to create a global Familia where individuals passionately pursue their spiritual healing, fostering a deep connection with their higher selves. Love Your Now Comadre envisions a world where self-love and empowerment are celebrated, and each person is inspired to be the best version of themselves, radiating love, wisdom, and resilience.


  • Spirituality: I recognize the importance of believing in a Higher Power and honoring the spiritual dimension of our existence. I encourage individuals to explore their spiritual beliefs and connect with a source of guidance, strength, and inspiration on their journey of self-discovery and healing.

  • Authenticity: I value and encourage genuine self-expression, fostering an environment where individuals feel safe to be their authentic selves.

  • Empowerment: I believe in empowering individuals to unlock their inner potential, providing tools and guidance for personal growth and spiritual development.

  • Community: I cherish the sense of Familia, fostering connections that support, uplift, and inspire one another on their unique journeys.

  • Compassion: Compassion is at the core of my values. I approach each individual with empathy, understanding, and a commitment to providing gentle support.

  • Present Moment Awareness: I believe in the power of embracing the present moment and cherishing each day as it comes. By focusing on the now, we can fully experience life's beauty and find gratitude in the simple moments.

  • Continuous Growth: I embrace a culture of continuous growth, both personally and collectively, acknowledging that the journey of healing is ongoing.

  • Resilience: I celebrate resilience as a strength, recognizing that overcoming challenges is an integral part of the spiritual healing journey.

  • Love: Love is the foundation of all I do. I aspire to create a space where love for oneself, for others, and for the journey itself is cultivated and celebrated.


I'm always looking for new and exciting collaberations. Let's connect.

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