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The First New Moon of the Year- Why is This Significant in Using The New Moon Energy

Updated: Jan 11

Hola Comadres, Comadres, and Comxadres! As we step into the magical energy of the new moon on 1/11/24, I want to Chismear about the significance of this beautiful energy and how it is an invitation to guide us in staying alignment with our higher selves. This new moon of 1/11/24 in particular is significant because with the new year many people have so many goals and dreams that it can feel overwhelming and daunting. I want you to see this new moon as a cosmic start button, an opportunity to set intentions to help you manifest the life you want and rightfully deserve. Let's explore how this lunar phenomenon can be a powerful ally in our journey toward alignment, healing, self-discovery, and growth.

1. Using the Energy for an Energetic Fresh Start:

The new moon represents a fresh start, a blank canvas for the cosmic energies to weave their magic for this new year for you. As the moon aligns with the sun, it invites us to align our energies as well. Take a moment to reflect on what you wish to manifest in your life. Set intentions that resonate with your higher self, those aspirations that elevate your spiritual healing journey.

2. Using the Energy for Awareness and Renewal:

Just as the moon retreats into darkness during the new moon phase, it encourages us to turn inward. This is the perfect time for introspection. Be aware of the energies that do not serve you and find ways to live with gratitude. This is turn will help you make space for new opportunities, growth, and alignment with your true self.

3. Using the Energy for Spiritual Reconnection:

The energy of the new moon supports a deeper connection with your spiritual self. Whether through meditation, prayer, or mindful rituals, take this opportunity to reconnect with your Inner Comadre. The alignment of cosmic energies enhances our intuition, making it an ideal time to seek guidance from your higher self.

4. Using the Energy to Set Aligned Intentions:

During the new moon, the universe is more receptive to our intentions. With a focused mind and an open heart, set intentions that resonate with your higher self's vision. Whether it's personal growth, relationships, or career aspirations, align your intentions with the core values of your spiritual healing journey.

5. Using the Energy to Embrace Change:

The new moon teaches us about the cyclical nature of life. Change is inevitable, and during this lunar phase, we are encouraged to embrace it. Aligning with your higher self involves being open to growth, accepting change as a natural part of your journey, and trusting the path laid out by the universe.

Comadre, Comadre, Comxadre Use the Energy!

As the new moon graces the skies on 1/11/24, let's embrace its transformative energy. This alignment provides a powerful opportunity for all of us to set intentions, renew, and realign with our higher selves. Take this time to set intentions that reflect the true essence of your spiritual healing journey and allow the energy of the new moon to guide you toward greater alignment, purpose, and joy.

Below is my New Moon Workshop for the new moon of 1/11/24. May it provide you the Fire you need to light your path and the Butterflies of self-discovery and spiritual growth. I am sending you so much Fire & Butterflies!

Love Your Now,

Comadre Cristal


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