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Entrepreneurial Growth and Spiritual Healing: Lessons from Week One


Hola Comadres, Compadres, and Comxadres,

What a whirlwind of a week it's been as I took the plunge into the entrepreneurial world with Love Your Now Comadre! I'm buzzing with excitement, eager to share the transformative lessons that unfolded during these initial days of my new journey. And how it contributed to my own healing. 🦋🔥

🐢 Lesson 1: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Impatience, my constant companion, tried to rush me into the chase for instant success. However, I've discovered the profound truth that consistent, deliberate steps towards my goals are the real game-changer. It's not about a sprint; it's about constructing a robust foundation rooted in the mission of my life. Being a Spiritual Life Coach is not just a profession; it's a calling, it's MY calling.

In the spirit of the tortoise, I am learning that every slow and intentional move is a vital part of building the life I envision—one that aligns seamlessly with my purpose.

🤝 Lesson 2: Ask for Help and Be Ready to Receive It

Confession time: asking for help has been an Achilles' heel for me. The belief that I must navigate this entrepreneurial journey solo has been a longstanding block. This week, the narrative changed. Seeking support and guidance became a revelation. I reached out to those who love me, starting with the ultimate guide—God.

The realization struck hard—there's strength in vulnerability, and seeking assistance is not a sign of weakness but an acknowledgment of our interconnectedness. Together, we build something stronger.

🌿 Lesson 3: Surrender is Key to Staying Grounded

A rollercoaster of emotions characterized this week, complete with what felt like 3-100 breakdowns (trust me, I lost count!). Yet, what prevented me from sprinting back to my comfort zone was the art of surrender. Letting go of the desperate need for absolute control allowed me to stay present and focus on what truly matters.

In those moments of surrender, I found strength, resilience, and the ability to embrace the journey. It's about learning from every experience, not just the successes but also the setbacks, and understanding that growth often accompanies discomfort.

Spiritual Lessons of Week One done, ready for more!

As I navigate this uncharted terrain, I am filled with anticipation for the ongoing journey of healing, growing, and learning that lies ahead. Join me as I continue to Love My Now and discover the transformative power within.

Love Your Now,

Comadre Cristal

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