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Unlocking Your Inner Comadre Masterclass

Unlocking Your Inner Self Journal

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Welcome to
Love Your Now Comadre

Journey To Empower You To Become The Best Version Of You! 


Cristal Baez
Spiritual Life Coach

Healing Through Spiritual Growth

As your dedicated Spiritual Life Coach, I create the space of love and authenticity to help you heal through a Spiritual Healing Journey. Varies services are offered that help deepen your relationship with your Inner Comadre/Compadre/Comxadre (Higher Self).  You have the power of unlocking your inner wisdom, fostering self-love, and embracing every facet of your beautiful journey. I am simply here to guide you. Sliding scale and payment plans available for all services. Contact Comadre Cristal to make arrangements at 

Connect with Your Inner Self

Sharing my Fire, Butterflies, and Love we'll unpack your blocks, challenges, and fears. Each Comadreando Session is unique to you and done to help you connect with your Inner Comadre/Compadre/Comxadre. This creates a foundation for lasting transformation.

What is Comadreando?

Comadreando is spiritual coaching sessions tailored with Love to guide you through your Spiritual Healing Journey. Comadreando helps you:

  • Discover Yourself: Uncover your true essence. Learning to love the present moment. 

  • Transformation: Addressing emotional blocks helps cultivate inner peace becoming the best version of yourself!

  • Empowerment: Gain practical tools to confidently navigate life's challenges.

  • Self-Love: Foster profound self-acceptance and love as the cornerstone of your healing journey.

Unlocking Your Inner Self Journal

To download free journal click below

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Special Offers

La Salsa Para Los Tacos

There is so many things I can say, but my first response is that I am grateful for the love and compassion that has been shown to me. Even though my journey with my comadre/ healing Coach is just starting I already have a sense of calmness coming over me, so I know my journey is going to be one of ups and downs but one of great healing and gratification. Because I know I am in heavenly hands. I really adore you Cristal.🥰🤗❤️

Michelle W. 

Wow!! Amazing first module of her course!! Cristal is deeply connected to Spirit and channels guidance from my Spirit Team in easy to understand concepts and language. After the first module, I have already learned so much about myself!! I will be completing her entire Course, and I am so excited to discover myself: my blocks, my strengths, and my path to my Healing Self. Much Love to Cristal, a radiant Crystal of a Being!!

Adrienne B.

I am so grateful and impressed with the level of care and compassion Cristal has. I loved her YouTube channel and workshops, and now her podcast. But the group sessions and speaking to Cristal 1:1 is another level, that I truly hope more people get to experience. She is safe and comforting through this really hard journey. But, she is also firey, passionate, and educated. She really is fire and butterflies. I never knew how the two could go so perfectly together, but they do and its really an experience. 
If you are on your journey or just thinking of starting, I recommend starting here. If I could go back and start here I would. Now that I have connected with Cristal Im getting that loving but knowledgeable guidance I would have liked all along. 
I'm continuing my journey not so shaking or unbalanced with her support. 
Thank you ! <3

Amber C.



*****DISCLAIMER: BY LAW, I am legally obligated to state that Readings and channeled messages are for entertainment purposes only, information provided during the reading shall not be used as a substitute for professional, financial, medical, psychiatric, or legal advice. You must be 18 and over to purchase. Every product/service I sell is subject to interpretation. My products/services are not meant in ANY way to replace the professional opinion/help of a DOCTOR, healthcare professional, lawyer, or anyone of authority. If you are experiencing any type of illness, it is your obligation to seek professional help. The law requires that tarot readings, and other items that fall into the realm of paranormal are to be sold for entertainment purposes only. I do not take responsibility for the actions, ideas or thoughts of any of my clients before, during, or after the use of any of my products/services. 

Unlocking Your Inner Self Journal

To download free journal click below

Don't try to fit in.
You were born to stand out.


What is a Spiritual Life Coach 

A spiritual life coach serves as a guide and mentor, helping individuals navigate their spiritual journeys, find clarity, and create a balanced and fulfilling life that aligns with their deepest values and beliefs.

How long does each coaching session last?

Each session can be between and hour to an hour and half. It best to give yourself enough time. Each session is based around what you need so it will vary. 

Is there a sliding scale or payment plan for services?

YES!! At Love Your Now Comadre we believe healing services do not need to break the bank. Our YouTube Channel is full of donation based workshops, along with all Group Comadreando Sessions. If 1:1 services are requested a sliding scale can be arranged. Contact Comadre Cristal at to arrange a payment plans or sliding scale price.  

I am already working with a therapist is that an issue?

No issue at all!! I highly encourage you work with as many people as you need to help you along your healing journey. 

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Unlocking Your Inner Self Journal

To download free journal click below

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