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Unlocking Your Inner Comadre Program

Unlocking Your Inner Comadre Program


"Unlocking Your Inner Comadre" Coaching Program is a comprehensive 10-module experience designed to empower you to connect with your inner wisdom, cultivate self-love, and embark on a journey of healing and growth.


Module 1: Deepening Your Spirituality
- Lay the foundation by deepening your spiritual connection, allowing you to explore the depths of your inner self.


Module 2: Meeting Your Inner Comadre
- Dive into the core of your being and establish a profound connection with your Higher-self,  inner wisdom, your trusted Inner Comadre.


Module 3: Your Little Comadre
- Explore the inner child/teen/adult within you, understanding how past experiences shape your present, and learn to nurture and heal this part of yourself.


Module 4: Amate Cuidate Comadre
- Cultivate a deep sense of self-love and prioritize self-care as essential components of your well-being.


Module 5: Being the Main Comadre of Your Life
- Develop healthy boundaries to protect your energy, create balance in your life, and foster meaningful relationships.


Module 6: The Origins of Your Ego
- Gain insights into the birth of your ego, the influences of trauma in your life.


Module 7: Living With Your Ego
- Understand the various trauma responses and how they impact your life and relationships.


Module 8: Gracias Ego
- Learn effective techniques to find peace and gratitude for the traumas of our past, allowing for profound transformation and emotional freedom.


Module 9: Libre Soy
- Explore the power of releasing. Release looks different for everyone, this can be forgiveness  or releasing to finding peace. This is a key step in your healing journey.


Module 10: Healing La Familia
- Dive into the intricate dynamics of family/friends relationships, healing generational patterns, and fostering healthier connections with those around you.


Throughout this program, you'll receive personalized guidance and support to navigate each module's teachings. By the end of this transformative journey, you will have unlocked your Higher self, embraced self-love, and embarked on a path of healing and empowerment. Get ready to discover the Comadre within and embrace a life filled with authenticity and love.

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