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Monday 7/29/24 9:00 AM PST Group

Monday 7/29/24 9:00 AM PST Group


Experience the Power of Comadreando with a Group Session




Join me for an uplifting and transformative Comadreando Group Session where the magic of connection, healing, and growth unfolds. This unique gathering is designed to bring Comadres, Comadres, and Comxadres together, creating a supportive space to share, learn, and empower one another on our individual journeys.


What to Expect:

Immerse yourself in a nurturing environment where the energy of Fire and Butterflies guides us. Through shared stories, insights, and the wisdom of the group, we'll delve into the heart of our experiences, finding strength and inspiration in each other.


Open Conversations:

Engage in open and authentic conversations that touch on life, spirituality, self-discovery, and more. This is a safe space to express, connect, and celebrate the diverse paths we tread.


Empowerment Rituals:

Participate in empowering rituals that aim to ignite the Fire within and attract the positive energy of Butterflies. Together, we'll set intentions, release what no longer serves us, and embrace the beauty of our individual and collective journeys.


Connect with Your Inner Comadre/Compadre/Comxadre:

Discover the profound bond we share as Comadres/Compadres/Comxadres , tapping into the strength of our Inner Comadres/Compadres/Comxadres. Through unity and understanding, we amplify the healing power that resides within each of us.


Why Comadreando?

Comadreando is more than a gathering; it's a movement of love, support, and growth. Whether you're seeking guidance, connection, or simply a space to be heard, our Comadreando Group Session is the place to be.

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